Critter: a Funny 3D Printed Crawling Robot

By on September 28, 2017
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The Critter is the fifth robot in Slant Robotics’ LittleBot family of 3D printed Arduino robots, and is a walking robot to follow the previous armed and wheeled robots. And although walking robots tend to be complex, this guy is purportedly “easy and rugged enough for kids to build while still being interesting enough for hobbyists at higher levels.”

The 3D printed robot uses its two front legs to drag itself along, allowing it to traverse tricky terrain while also preventing potentially damaging falls.

Every plastic part of the Critter is 3D printed, and the Critter kit consists of just six 3D printed parts and around 20 parts in total (not including screws). 3D printing the plastic parts means that students can change and add to the design, while its simple Arduino program is also easy to tinker with. Since the Critter is based entirely on Arduino its code is very well supported.

The Critter can be operated with an Android app made by Slant Robotics, while the robot can also do its own thing when set to “Autonomous Wander Mode.”

It’s available on Kickstarter at a special early bird price of just $45.

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