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By on June 27, 2018
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Artists, painters and makers looking for a way to automatically mix paint to an exact formula may be interested in a new automated paint mixing machine called the Mesomix.

This machine, which resembles a very nice 3D printer in design, sucks colored paints from four containers in order to combine them into whatever color of the rainbow you so desire.

“Are you a designer, an artist or a creative person who loves to throw colors on your canvas, but it’s often a struggle when it comes to making the desired shade. So, this art-tech instruction will vanish that struggle into thin air. As this device, uses off the shelf components to makes the desired shade by mixing the right amount of CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) pigments automatically, which will drastically reduce the time spent on mixing the colors or money spent on purchasing different pigments. And will provide you that extra time for your creative. So, we will use RGB model to feed the RGB color code to the machine while CMYK model for making the shade by mixing CMYK pigments in which volume of the white color will be constant and added manually.”

In this application, an Arduino Uno is used to blend CMYK elements together, and includes a calibration program to properly set up the stepper motors which manage  each 3D-printed peristaltic pump.

Watch the demonstration video below for more information.

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