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By on September 26, 2013
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As you probably know, just in few days, the first Maker Faire European Edition will be held in Rome, Italy and will gather thousands of makers and curious from all over the world.


Further than participants, the Maker Faire will see speakers like Mark Frauenfelder, David John Gauntlett, Raffaello D’Andrea, Dale Dougherty and many more.


The program of the event is pretty full of incredible stuff and spans across four days:

  • On the 3rd, there will be a spectacular conference called “How to Remake the World” with this impressive speakers lineup:


Brian Krzanich (CEO at Intel), Raffaello D’Andrea (Professor at ETH Zurich), Dale Dougherty (Founder of MAKE Magazine), David Gauntlett (Author of ‘Making is Connecting’), Josef Prusa (RepRap Core Developer), Tomas Diez (Director at Fab Lab Barcelona) and young makers Joey Hudy (Extreme Marshmallow Cannon Inventor),Jack Andraka (2012 Intel ISEF Winner), Ionut Budisteanu (2013 Intel Gordon E. Moore Award Winner).


  • The 4th of October, after a full day entirely dedicated to schools, a short Tech Garage event will focus on the business of making, hardware entepreneurship and related topics: our friend Mathilde from Making Society will be among the speaker’s list. This event will be focused on startups dealing with the hardware, 3dprinting and digital fabrication scene and will be the final stop of the Barcamper Maker Tour  that went across all Italy (and Europe).


  • The 5th and 6th of October will be the days of the show: an amazing list of makers from the whole Europe submitted their project and a long list of innovation companies secured a box in the exhibition and, guess what we will be there.



As you can see from this page here, Futura Elettronica and Elettronica In will be present as a

Technical sponsor of the event!

3D Printer3

We’ll show the very latest version of the 3Drag in action: with the updated board and heaten plate: you’ll be able to see the incredible printing quality that we reached with the open source printer 3Drag, lately.


We will also show off the board that upgrades your 3Dprinter to enable autonomous printing. All this stuff will also be available for sale, so if you really want to pimp your 3dprinter you should come to our box and buy some exciting stuff.


After the Maker Faire we’ll host a special recap on the blog, with interviews to the greatest protagonists of the Maker scene and with multiple thematic selections of the best projects that will be showing off at the Faire, so… stay tuned!


Let’s meet there and share feedbacks and exciting ideas to build products together: in line with our tradition we will be listening to you and we are pretty sure that a bunch of exciting projects will spur from the Maker Faire experience!

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Boris Landoni is the technical manager of Skilled in the GSM field, embraces the Open Source philosophy and its projects are available to the community.

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