Cellular dev kit for IoT 596% funded on Kickstarter. More than 10 days to go!

By on April 19, 2015
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The dream for any IoT maker wanting to connect 24/7 his board to internet, by using a mobile data connection. Those guys had their project 600% funded on Kickstarter. If you’re smart, you still have 10 days to get a discounted early bird!

What is the project:

The Konekt Dash is a cellular development kit for building Internet of Things (IoT) devices. You can use it to build all sorts of fun connected products like sensors, tracking devices, alarm systems, connected car applications, and more (see examples below).

The Konekt Platform is made to bring enterprise grade features to the individual developer, so its perfect for a solo hobby project or building the connected hardware business of your dreams!

Each Konekt Dash comes preloaded with a Konekt Global SIM and 6 months of basic data plan (1MB/month or 6MB total).

Together with the hardware, available in basic and pro (+ssl and a military grade chipset) version, they provide also the following features:

  • dev board for Arduino, Raspberry, Beaglebone;
  • Over the air firmware update;
  • REST api to communicate with you software;
  • Real time data monitoring
  • Plug-and-play passthrough Cloud UART, Cloud GPIO, and Cloud Reset of a connected device
  • A pub/sub queue with packet-level diagnostics

via Konekt Dash: Cellular Dev Kit + Free Global Data Plan by Konekt Inc. — Kickstarter.

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