Build your own robotic arm out of cardboard

By on September 18, 2016
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From our Chairigami Maker Faire booth furniture to Google VR headsets, we’ve seen various use cases for cardboard. Added to that list is a robotic arm, courtesy of Uladz Mikula.

According to the Maker, the design can be replicated in two hours using Arduino and four servo motors. Aside from the electronics, the project also calls for a piece of hardboard for the base and three clips.

The arm, which Mikula calls “CARDBIRD,” can be controlled in one of two ways: either from a PC using a Processing program or remotely via an IR pult/receiver.

Here is the parts list:

– cardboard (I actually used about 10 capri sonne boxes)

– hardboard 195 x 295 (Bottom of fruit box for example)

– metal piece 45 x 10 x 1 (Metal constructor parts are perfect for this)

– any arduino board

– breadboard

– servo motor x 4 (Tower Pro Micro Servo SG90 9g )

– jamper cables

– tape

– clip x 3


– IR receiver

– IR pult

For the assembly, you will need glue gun or stick, screwdriver and utility knife.

The assembly guide and more details on the Instructable official project page.

Source: Arduino Blog

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