Arduino SmartWatch, With Temperature, Altitude and Compass!

By on August 9, 2015
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Our Brazilian friend Goncalves, “obsessed by having a fashion smartwatch”, worked on a very cool project: Arduino based smartwatch, with pedometer, altimeter, accelerometer and other interesting features!

Hi folks! Last few days I’ve been obsessed with the idea to make my own watch from arduino parts, but something cool I could use and say I did it myself. So I found out there was a sensor board (commonly named GY-87) which had three sensors on it: HMC5883L (compass), BMP085 (pressure, altitude, temperature) and MPU6050 (accelerometer and gyroscope). With it, via I2C, I could add an Arduino Pro Mini, and an I2C Oled Display and make a watch capable of having all this information, plus a pedometer (by analysing accelerometer data).

  1. 10DOF sensor (HMC5883L, MPU6050 and BMP180)
  2. Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V (or compatible)
  3. Cellphone battery (3.7 – 4V);
  4. I2C Oled Display (blue color)
  5. Copper pcb board
  6. Ferric chloride
  7. DC Female Power connector 2.5mmx0.7mm
  8. Tactile switch (side button)
  9. An old or cheap watch you can unmount (preferably big enough);
  10. Solder wire, soldering iron, solder sucker, etc;
  11. After, of course, you will need the battery charger, wich wont be inside the watch,

View the full DIY guide here: Arduino Pedometer Watch, With Temperature, Altitude and Compass!

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