Arduino-Powered Color Locking System

By on March 16, 2018
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This particular (un)locking system, created by Rudec Technologies, is still in the prototyping stage. Actually it is hosted on an Arduino Uno, but the maker is planning to migrate the system on one ESP32 board to develop a small web server and allow for user connections for administration/monitoring of the system.

The system uses a card with a preset color sequence printed on it to unlock the door. The cards have a pattern of four colors printed on one side, which are read by an array of LEDs and a TCS230 color sensor when pulled through a slot. An Arduino Uno then takes this information and lights up an LED if the correct sequence is recognized.

“The system can offer much more than the conventional keys: if you lose your key, you simply print a new one, you can use a number of different keys for the same lock (or just one if you choose), the system logs all entries with timestamps (useful for tracking access), you can use your regular printer to print new keys, you can unlock it via Wi-Fi when paired with your phone or another device, the system can be used to authenticate in various situations (doors, cabinets, computers, entry points etc.”

In the video you can see a short demonstration of the system prototype.

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