Arduino Day and Genuino Day: Massimo Banzi

By on April 3, 2016
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Important announcement from Massimo Banzi!

Massimo Banzi during celebration of Arduino Day in Berkeley announced three important news to the community. Starting today the new MKR1000 is in our stores and available for purchase. Arduino has also opened two web platforms, one focused on project sharing and the other on a new approach to IoT.

For the third year the Arduino team and community have organized a great day of celebration of the open-source approach to creativity with electronics around the world.

More than 300 community-based events have been celebrated in over 70 countries.

Massimo Banzi, together with Tom Igoe and David Mellis, made some announcements during the presentation at the official Arduino Day event in Berkeley (USA):

• Arduino MKR1000 and Genuino MKR1000 are now available in stores at the price of 34,99$/30,99€ (+VAT).
MKR1000 is a powerful board which combines the functionality of the Zero and the WiFi Shield. It has been conceived for makers wanting to design IoT projects with minimal previous experience in networking. MKR1000 was the protagonist of the Greatest Arduino Maker Challenge, and was shipped exceptionally to the 1000 winners of the contest.

• We are ready to release, the Arduino platform that will provide the community with a more modern and flexible tool to write code, a more integrated way of accessing content and learning while doing.
While we are still busy refining the web-based Editor (IDE) based on the feedback of the beta-testing program, we are really excited to launch Arduino Project Hub, our tutorial platform powered by
We cannot wait to see all the projects made with Arduino and Genuino boards that you will submit! Comment on the tutorials you are curious about, and ‘Respect’ the ones you like the most. We will feature the best projects on the Arduino Blog!

• Within you will be also able to access a new website focused on IoT.
Arduino IoT collects inspiring tutorials, and provides guidance for anyone who wants to get started tinkering with the Internet of Things. Most importantly it presents the “Arduino IoT Manifesto”, an important statement that will guide the development of our IoT products and tools in the coming years, and that we hope will be adopted by a larger network of people and industries.
Borrowing from the slow food movement which was born in the same region as Arduino, we propose these three principles for the future of this burgeoning industry: Open, Sustainable and Fair!

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