Architecture for Dogs: an open design project for Dogs furniture

By on February 11, 2013
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one design

one design

Amazingly enough, a new open source hardware project has born:

Architecture for Dogs, invented by architects and designers, is an extremely sincere collection of architecture and a new medium, which make dogs and their people happy. By looking at the diagrams or pictures or watching the videos, people all over the world can make these themselves. Dogs are people’s partners, living right beside them, but they are also animals that humans, through crossbreeding, have created in multitudes of breeds. Reexamining these close partners with fresh eyes may be a chance to reexamine both human beings themselves and the natural environment. As our first project, we present 13 pieces of architecture. Please take the time to carefully examine the details of these elaborately designed ingenious structures, and because it’s free to download the blueprints, if you find one you like, make it yourself for your dog.

Despite the topic will be interesting only for those of you nurturing a beloved pet, this project sparks some thinking about the frontiers of open design. It’s easy to think that this playful, stylish approach to design for sharing will eventually permeate many other fields and, especially, we shall really await a load of open source furniture designs (like those at Twintip) to become available in the next years.

And you? what to you expect to start tinkering with your pet house? Maybe, you could add some electronics and hack some of these designs to make it cooler. Just download the sketches and start!

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