An Interesting Tamper-Proof Arduino System for Your Garage

By on May 1, 2017
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Using an Arduino Micro for control, the instructables user Joebarteam came up with a way to biometrically secure his garage.

What could be better than using your fingerprint to unlock your garage? To this end, Joe’ came up with a system that unlocks his door using a fingerprint scanner, and a bistable relay to disable communication between the scanner and the Arduino if there’s a problem.

It’s a really professional-looking build, and the locking mechanism is especially interesting. Two rack-and-pinion devices plunge shafts into the ground, making the door impossible to open (it has to pull out before going up). If there is an issue with the system, the pins can be physically unlocked and disabled as needed.

As you can imagine, the Arduino is the brain of this lock system. The program is available in this tutorial. It is very interesting to use an Arduino Micro because it is not bulky and adapts perfectly to the project. I mean that all pins “Digital” (14) and “Analog” (6) are used…

…The circuit consists of a 220V-12V transformer 2A which opens on a fuse and finally arrives on a control stage composed of an LM317 calibrated to leave the 9V. This first output will feed the Arduino on its input “V-in”, the circuit of the alarm, and most important: stepper motor drivers. The output of this LM317 and also connected to the input of a 7805 to have 5V which supplies biometric sensor relay as well as power supply drivers in 5V. He said.

I don’t know your opinion about it, but I think I’ll do it for my garage!

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