4 DOF Plexiglass Robotic Arm

By on January 30, 2019
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Kit containing everything you need to make a plexiglas robot arm with 4 degrees of freedom, rotating base (180 °), gripper to grasp the objects and 5 analogue RC servos that can be managed by Arduino or other electronics. The gripper can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and it is able to rotate +/- 90 degrees at the wrist level.

The kit includes: 3 Analogue RC servos with metal gears of 13 kg•cm (for the movement of the arm and the rotation of the base), 2 mini RC servos of 1,2 kg•cm (for the control and rotation of the gripper), 1 robotic gripper, plexiglass parts 3 mm and 5 mm thickness (laser cut) to make the arm structure, 2 servo extensions (300 mm), swivel plate with ball bearing for rotation of the base and all the small metal parts for assembly.

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