XMotion All In One Controller Launched at Indiegogo

By on December 30, 2017
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Recreating Arduino, motor driver and interface circuits user focused. For this purpose we made concentrated high performance circuit to 8cm to 3cm. With XMotion you can design lots of amazing robots.

Super strong, arduino enabled board comes with special price only for our this launch! With lots of protection features XMotion is suitable for beginner level to advanced level robotics & maker projects.

It includes powerful Motor drivers, switching mode regulator, interface circuits and more. With protected features, it is all in one board for lots of different type robot projects.

But not only this. Also we added some supporting materials, like starter codes, libraries. If you want to do line follower, mini-sumo or any basic robot we have ready-made codes for beginners.



About Boris Landoni

Boris Landoni is the technical manager of Open-Electronics.org. Skilled in the GSM field, embraces the Open Source philosophy and its projects are available to the community.

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