Wooden Chess Board with Piece Recognition

By on September 28, 2018
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Thanks to the Raspberry Pi Zero – with a touchscreen, a few magnets, some LEDs and some software magic – you can play against a computer on a wooden board.

With the help of an open-source chess engine called Stockfish, the computerized wooden board allows players to choose the difficulty level (beginner to grandmaster) and set the personality of the opponent and as well register all the moves. Every piece has a magnet connected to the bottom, which tracks it from the start of the game.

Features of the Raspberry Pi chess set computer include the ability to play chess by moving pieces and the computer signaling its move by using by flashing an LED :

▪ Stockfish chess engine with a maxiimum rating of GM with an ELO level around 2900
▪ 21 levels of play
▪ Set personality: agressiveness and cowardice
▪ Play as black or white
▪ Play human vs human
▪ Validates moves against full moves of chess, signals error & allows re-move
▪ Recognises and makes special moves: Castling; En Passent, Pawn Promotion
▪ Provides hint if stuck
▪ Option to save game as pgn

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