What we will see at the Maker Faire Rome 2019?

By on May 17, 2019
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The countdown that will take us to the Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition has begun!

One of the most important European appointments among those dedicated to technological innovation is scheduled from 18 to 20 October at the Fiera Di Roma.

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition, at its seventh edition, is organized by the Rome Chamber Commerce, through its special Agency Innova Camera Company.

Turning on the countdown was the Call for Makers, a real call for innovators (technology enthusiasts, educators, thinkers, inventors, engineers, authors, artists, chefs, artisans, designers, farmers, researchers, startuppers), who will be able to offer their products HERE until June 24th.

A call (like the other calls of the event) which also defines who the makers are, people with a strong innovative approach, who create products to bring our society closer to a simpler future for everyone.

But let’s see one by one the news that Maker Faire Rome reserves this year. to maker exhibitors, and audience.


Robotics and artificial intelligence, circular economy, IoT, digital manufacturing, foodtech, agritech, urbantech, smart mobility, technologies for sport and health, sustainable construction, virtual and
augmented reality, space, artech, edtech and the Ask me Everything novelty (matchmaking): these are the main themes of the 2019 edition. As said, there is a surprise. Indeed, more than one.


1. Art

MakerArt is a project that aims to investigate the relationship between contemporary art and new technologies, through the creation of paths that connect makers and international artists. The objective is
the realization of a real exhibition of interactive installations within the event, involving the public and representing the many and different ways of interpreting the culture of technological innovation.


2. Call

As of April 3rd, we said, the Call for Makers is open. It is not the only one. Call for University and Research Institutes. The goal of the Call for Universities and Research Institutes is to put the spotlight on innovation, through the dissemination of digital culture and the development of individual and collective entrepreneurship, involving the projects of state universities and research institutes at the Maker Faire Rome Italian and foreign publics. A qualified jury will select the most innovative projects that will be hosted during the event. The Call will remain open until June 24th.

Call for Schools. The Call for Schools,  is open to second-level national secondary schools belonging to European Union countries (students aged 14-18). A jury of experts will select the most innovative projects that will be hosted during Maker Faire Rome 2019 within an are entirely dedicated to schools. The objective is to give space to the creativity of young people and to value the constant commitment and dedication of all the teachers who daily contribute to shining qualities of all the students, through innovative initiatives, projects and educational programs. Participation is free.


3. Circular economy

The big question of the circular economy and, in particular, the bioeconomy, greenbuilding, greentech are current topics that the Maker Faire Rome has dealt with by proposing practical demonstrations and hosting debates of the leading experts in the field. This year, on these topics, the Maker Faire Rome will make a further leap in quality as it will be the first event in Italy, conceived on an organizational level and carried out on the basis of the real circular economy and therefore carbon-free.

To achieve this goal Maker Faire Rome will be 100% carbon-free according to a specific set of a 10 points guidelines  which include the prohibition of the use, within the exhibition area, of all containers made of polyethylene or other plastic materials and the production (in the preparation and display phases) of renewable energy to achieve full coverage of the energy needs of the structure.


4. Education

Then there will be EdTech for All, an area composed of talks, panels, workshops and exhibition spaces dedicated to education technologies. An event conceived as a moment of cultural sharing and training where Italian and European realities will bring their own experience. The objective is to create a network at European level that allows a direct exchange of best practices between trainers, researchers, companies,
students and, more generally, among the key figures in the technologies applied to education.


5. SMEs

Another novelty of the 2019 edition is Ask me Everything, a space dedicated to the digital culture orientation for SMEs, with which we want to encourage the meeting between sector professionals and the
companies present.

Experts will respond to the proposed questions, according to a set slot schedule, and will be available to entrepreneurs and professionals to guide them towards process and product innovation through targeted appointments and meetings.


6. Robotics

n the last two editions, the organizers of Maker Faire Rome have focused a lot on robotics and artificial intelligence. On these issues, we moved from an exhibition area of 400 square meters in 2017 to over a
thousand last year, with a strong increase in the number of dedicated prototypes and conferences. The quality of the exhibitors (including the ETH Polytechnic University of Zurich, the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, the INRIA Research Center in Rennes in Atlantic Brittany, the Federico II University of Naples,the “E. Piaggio” Center of Pisa, Sapienza University of Rome, the Politecnico di Milano, the Scuola SuperioreSant’Anna, the Italian Institute of Technology) and speakers made the difference


7. Artificial Intelligence

Confirming the strong interest in these this topic, the 2019 edition promises to be a leap forward: in fact, a close collaboration was established with the setting up of the Robotics and Intelligent Machines Institute (IRIM) which will aim to bring the world of research and academia into dialogue with the world of business and industry. The launch event of the new Institute will be hosted in the Maker Faire Rome 2019 in a special exhibition area with demonstration set-ups and excellent projects from all over the World.


8. Smart cities

ICity Lab, an important conference, organized annually starting in 2012 and dedicated to Smart, Sustainable and Responsive Cities, this year will be held at Maker Faire Rome with the creation of a major event dedicated to innovation in smart cities. ICity Lab is the most important annual meeting between administrations and companies on the topic of Smart City.


9. Space

Also this year, Maker Faire Rome will host a section dedicated to the space sector, with the aim of concentrating the relevant or resulting disciplines, activities and achievements. The theme will be the human exploration of Mars and, in particular, the role that the makers will have in the first permanent settlements on the Red Planet. An area, curated by the British Interplanetary Society, which wants to
collect experiences, inventions, innovations, and knowledge that can have a practical application in this new context.


10. Territory

Together with art, the territory, and environmental, cultural and architectural assets are also central to programming thanks to the collaboration between Maker Faire Rome and Technology for All, a forum
dedicated to technological innovation applied to the territory and cultural heritage. With this initiative the aim is to deepen the use of innovative technologies (such as geolocation, satellite mapping, professional
drones for the detection and study of open data) to learn, document, protect and monitor the territory and cultural heritage that surround us.


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