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By on October 1, 2020
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Waka Waka is built on the idea to build a standalone device for messaging on long distances in hard to get areas like mountains, forests etcetera. TIt is not always possible or needed to establish voice communication so it is mainly text-only communication and has delivery acknowledgement functionality.

We also aim to create and use state of the art technologies like crypto features of our target platform (i.MX RT1010). All messages are transferred in an encrypted state(AES) over the air and no personal data is exposed.

Main i.MX RT1010 hardware features used in application:

  • FlexIO
  • FlexRAM
  • SNVS (secure timer)
  • DCP (hardware crypto) – work in progress

We use SPI display and touch(resistive) sensor for user interaction due to lack of pins for 8080 display bus connection.

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