UV-C Sterilizer

By on December 28, 2021
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During this pandemic, it has become extremely important to make sure that we take all the necessary steps to keep this coronavirus away from us. Since the vaccines are still under development, the only way to stop the virus is to kill it. The only proven method to kill most of the viruses and germs is by using ‘UVC Germicidal Lamp’. Enough exposure to UV-C radiation causes damage to DNA and RNA of the virus so they can’t replicate, effectively killing or inactivating a virus. There are several reports claiming the effectiveness of UVC radiation on the new COVID-19. Few big companies have even launched their own UVC sterilizers. So why not make my own!

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how I built a sterilizer using a UVC lamp and a 3D printed enclosure. Using this sterilizer, you can sterilize your mask, mobile, and other small objects. This project is inspired by UVClean by Henry Mayne.

Let’s get started!

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