Ultimate Arduino Handbook: Free And Open Source Arduino Lover’s Delight!

By on October 19, 2017
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It is a truly rare and exciting treat when a fellow Maker pours their heart and soul into a work that radically enriches the Maker Community as a whole – and even more so, when it’s both free and open source.

Ultimate Arduino Handbook creator, Mark Maffei has done exactly that under a Creative Commons BY SA license via the Internet Archive.
It contains well over 200 pages of pure gold content covering the entire spectrum of Arduino awesomeness, with a distinct focus on neurohacking (aka “brainhacking, “consciousness hacking”).

From its crisp, clean layout to its well-organized navigational structure, the Ultimate Arduino Handbook is an indispensable and truly savory handbook for avid Arduino aficionados of all different knowledge and skill levels.



Table Of Contents

Legal Notices & Warnings

Acknowledgements & Attribution

Brief Word From The Editor

Section I: Core Essentials

Part 1: Arduino Essentials

  • Arduino/Genuino UNO Board Anatomy
  • Digital Pins
  • Analog Input Pins
  • Memory
  • Arduino IDE Basics
  • Arduino IDE Anatomy
  • Sketch Basics

Simple Experiments & Examples:

  • Bare Minimum Code Needed
  • Blink
  • Analog Read Serial
  • Digital Read Serial
  • Fade
  • Read Analog Voltage
  • Blink Without Delay
  • Button
  • Debounce
  • Input Pullup Serial
  • State Change/Edge Detection For Pushbuttons
  • Simple 3-Tone Keyboard Using Analog Sensors
  • Play A Melody Using The tone() Function

Part 2: Digital Electronics Essentials

  • Digital Numeration Basics
  • Binary Arithmetic
  • Digital Signals & Logic Gates
  • Practical Gates
  • The “Buffer” Gate
  • Multiple-Input Gates

Part 3: Handy Tables, Charts & Formulas

Misc. Conversions & Formulas

  • Ohm’s Law
  • Kirchhoff’s Law
  • Misc. Electrical Conversions
  • Metric Prefix Scale
  • Scientific Notation Basics
  • pH Scale Chart
  • Electron Basics
  • Body Resistance Chart
  • Solid/Round Conductor Wire Table
  • The Bel & dB

Resistor Essentials

Semiconductor Essentials

  • Diode Basics
  • Transistor Basics
  • SCR & GTO Essentials

Series/Parallel Circuit Notes

Thermocouple Basics

Strain Gauge Basics

Battery Ah Capacities

Conductor Ampacities & Resistances

Capacitance Keynotes

Inductor Essentials

Table of Electrical Symbols

Section II: Exploring The Pleasures Of Neurohacking

Part 1: Brainwave Entrainment Basics

  • Brief Introduction
  • Brainwave Entrainment Simplified
  • Binaural Beats vs. Isochronic Tones
  • Scientific Benefits Of Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Part 2: Single Individual Frequency Effects

  • Reputed Effects Of Single Individual Brainwave Frequencies
  • The Brain’s “Sweet Spot” Operating System Frequency

Part 3: Cossum’s Awesome Enhanced Brain Machine

Part 4: The Art Of EEG Toy Hacking Gone Wild!

  • How To Hack Toy EEGs
  • Visualizing Mind Activity With A Hacked Toy EEG
  • Full RAW EEG Data From The MindFlex Headset Hack
  • Hacking MindWave Mobile

Part 5: Connecting Arduino to Processing

The Ultimate Maker Quest!


To download both the Ultimate Arduino Handbook and ecover on the Internet Archive with absolutely no strings attached.

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