Twinky: DIY Your Personal Arduino Assitant

By on October 13, 2018
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Adrian Lindermann has just created his small yellow companion  taking inspiration from Jibo. Twinky can respond to voice commands via a SpeakUp click module, along with pressure on its face/touchscreen.

Control is provided by an Arduino Mega, and Twinky can interact with other devices using a Bluetooth module. The robot’s head can even turn in order to point the display in the needed direction, and it’s able to play sound through an audio amplifier and speaker. 

The creator has kindly published all the required 3D printing STL files allowing you to easily recreate your very own if you have access to a 3D printer.
Other components required to complete the robotic personal assistant include:

– Arduino Mega
– SpeakUp Click
– Bluetooth
– 4 Rellay Module
– Audio Amplifier
– Speaker
– DC Motor
– 2 Digital Signal Microphones
– 4.3in ITEAD touch screen
– SD Module
– Arduino Mega Prototyping shield

For more details about Twinky jump over to the Instructables website or watch the demonstration video below.

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