Top Tech Trends of 2019

By on July 7, 2019
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Technology has made a lot of things possible. And it’s entirely right to believe that the best thing happening to man is technology itself. Not even the inventions available today. New leads emerge yearly and while some are built on the existing solution, others take an entirely different path to expose the vast extent of unexploited ideas. Some of the top tech trends poised to launch this year would change the ideas we have about smartphones, legal services, computers, and health.

Many would dispute the technological approach scientists have proposed for reversing paralysis caused by spinal injuries, with some people saying it’s derogatory and makes a cyborg out of a human. But over 250,000 Americans sitting on wheelchairs due to paralysis from spinal injuries, according to NSCISC’sdata, would have a different opinion. Provided it has the potential to make them walk again. However, while this approach, which involves planting a chip in the brain, may have proven to be effective after experiments with a monkey, it’s obviously not the final solution to spinal injury-induced paralysis.

The promises of invention are unending, and the rate at which we are having new breakthroughs is an indication that a greater number of impossibilities would soon be overturned. People that didn’t live beyond the 1970s have no idea the current generation is using gestures to tame a highly intelligent small rectangular slab of metal with a glass face. There are new heights every day, and 2019 is featuring lots of amazing new tech trends and technology breakthroughs that could bring significant leaps.

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