• How to Make a Touch Sensor Circuit Using Transistors on Breadboard

    https://youtu.be/_AZyi1IvbuA In this tutorial I’m gonna teach you how to make a simple touch sensor Circuit with transistors. I basically uses my finger as a resister to give a signal to Bace of the transistor and light...

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  • What is a Transistor? Types, Uses, Working Principle

      A transistor is defined as a semiconductor device that’s fundamentally built with three terminals for amplifying or switching electronic signals and electrical power purposes. Commonly classified into Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT), and Field Effect Transistors (FET),...

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  • New artificial intelligence company is unveiling the largest semiconductor chip ever built

      The Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine has 1.2 trillion transistors, the basic on-off electronic switches that are the building blocks of silicon chips. Intel’s first 4004 processor in 1971 had 2,300 transistors, and a recent Advanced Micro Devices processor has...

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  • Very Useful Circuits…for Everyone!

    With Very Useful Circuits, foundational concepts of electrical engineering are explored through progressive projects that illustrate the concepts in action. Instead of abstract words and dry formulas, explore the function of transistors, capacitors and resistors by building...

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