• Rock Pi: $39 Hexa-Core RK3399 Raspberry Pi Clone

    Radxa is working on a Raspberry pi like board called the Rock Pi that runs Linux or Android on a hexa-core Rockchip RK3399 SoC, starting at $39 with 1GB RAM. The Rock Pi matches the RPi 3 layout, but...

    • Posted 4 years ago
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  • Octavo Systems Has Developed Its First Self-Branded SBC

    The open-spec OSD3358-SM-RED is the first Octavo Systems’ SBC based on one of its SiP modules. The SBC uses the 21 x 21mm OSD335x-SM  SiP module, which packs a 1GHz Texas Instruments Sitara AM3358 SoC. The OSD3358-SM-RED, is a BeagleBone-like development platform...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • NanoPi M2A: 30$ open source SBC, Onboard Wifi and Gbps Ethernet

      FriendlyElec has released a community-backed, open source “NanoPi M2A” SBC that replaces the earlier NanoPi M2, which is now out of stock. The remarkably small (64 x 60mm) SBC runs Android 4.4/5.1, Debian 8.1, and Ubuntu Core with...

    • Posted 6 years ago
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