Signet: Physical security for your passwords and personal data

By on September 16, 2017
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Signet is a USB based password manager designed for portability and security. The device’s companion software is compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android.

Signet is compact and features a keyring loop to make it highly portable. These features make Signet a practical alternative to storing sensitive data on the cloud.

Once you provide a master password to the Signet client, the device acts as a software-controlled USB keyboard, allowing you to type your data into web and application forms. It can type out individual fields on request or type a username and password to log you into a website. The client has an intuitive graphical interface, but can also be efficiently navigated by keyboard presses alone.

Signet can be used to store data other than passwords. It has built-in data types for credit cards, bookmarks, and contacts. Its list of data types is also user extendable, so you can store whatever other kind of data is important to you.

Software Features

– Data encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption using industry best practices for key derivation and storage

– Data stored in 192KB of on-chip flash memory; Enough space for thousands of data fields.

– Data is physically secured. No data can be transmitted, modified, or destroyed without the operation being confirmed by pressing the devices button.

– Device is fully open source and open hardware so the design’s security can be audited and patched if necessary.

– Firmware can be updated during normal operation without opening the device’s enclosure. This enables easy upgrades and the addition of user developed features.

Hardware Features

– STM32L442 microcontroller

– DIP switch to enable factory bootloader. This can be used to either recover or re-purpose the device.

Enclosure Features

– Injection molded ABS plastic

– Fastened with a screw and external snap. Sturdy yet easy to open.



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