RecycleBot: a solution to definitely cope with domestic recycling!

By on October 18, 2015
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RecycleBot is a home automatic waste disposal and recycling system. It has been designed to be integrated into a standard kitchen furniture and, when installed, it is completely invisible except for the waste insertion hole, on the kitchen’s top.

By using Arduino and Yun, the user simply scans the waste package barcode and the system automatically checks on an Internet database the material it is made of and positions a motorized tray to correctly dispose the garbage into the right canister.

If the waste has not any barcode, the user can select manually the material to command the tray and properly recycle the waste. If the barcode is present but the online database hasn’t any association, the system is capable of saving the manual matching and remember it for the next time.

Disposing waste by using RecycleBot has many other advantages:

  • Generates the daily / weekly shopping list
  • Allow companies that deal with the waste collection in real time. Such information can be used to optimize the collection service
  • The same collection companies can manipulate the shared database to set RecycleBot remotely. For example you can set a common plastic and metal that go in the same container, while in another town, you can set these materials to be wasted in different containers.
  • The waste registry can be used for the purposes of taxation on the collection

In a close future, RecycleBot can be equipped with:

– A “compactor” which is a device dedicated to reducing the volume of waste by crushing and / or grinding
– Special sensors that detect the material to be disposed through fast analysis of the material itself, to be installed as an alternative to barcodes

RecycleBot can be built in different shapes and sizes

On RecycleBot FB page, follow the project details and next steps!

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