Raspberry Pi Hexapod Wooden Robot.

By on December 17, 2020
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It was a dream then a challenge, then it became a reality. The motivation was to teach to the young generations in preparatory, secondry and technical secondry schools in my country Egypt how to manufacture a walking Robot from simple and low-cost materials. Actually، I proposed this work to you because your opinions, comments and evaluations will give me the power to continue moving forward in this educational field to support our students not just in Egypt but in the other African countries.
Robots in education have became an important tools to enhance students skills in mathematics, computing, imagination, thinking, creativity and productivity. The education systems in Egypt and African countries in general suffers from some chronic problems, including the lack of practical educational methods, the lack of continuous modernization, and the lack of financial resources to activate these practical curricula. Where the process of education is limited to the theoritical way and this does not achieve the required development needed to these countries.

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