RandA is already compatible with the powerful Raspberry Pi 2

By on April 6, 2015
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Everyone is following us on Open-Electronics.org knows about RandA solution, the best matching between the two worlds of Arduino on one side and of Raspberry on the other.

Here we’ve published a post explaining the full potential of this solution: Learning How to Use the RandA Board.

The new version of RandA software is coming, you can stay tuned on official GitHub of the project to be noticed of the release. The new version will be officially running on Raspberry Pi 2 but a good news has been declared by Daniele Denaro:

“You can already use RandA with new Raspberry Pi 2 just enabling I2C device using “sudo raspi-config” command (Advanced Option menu item). Do not download the SD image (V1.3), from GitHub, because it includes a Raspbian OS not compatible with Raspberry Pi 2; just install the self-installing distribution on a new Raspbian release.”

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