OZoM is an Open Source Zynq based System on Module

By on January 1, 2015
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ZoM is a:

“Low cost open-source hardware System On Module with Xilinx ZYNQ7000 SoC combining Dual ARM Cortex A9 CPU cores with programmable logic fabric (FPGA)”.

Zom is also Open Source:

ZoM : Open Source and Open Hardware! We will publish under open source license:

  • Full CAD Design: Schematic and PCB Project sources
  • Documentation: sources and PDF files generated
  • Full production data: Gerber/NCdrill/P&P/BoM
  • Full Xilinx Vivado Projects
  • Full sources of software drivers and applications

We will keep the promise: anyone CAN rebuild the hardware and use it based on the project files made public without the need to ask or seek any support from us. There will be no missing files or pieces or any type of “vendor lock-in” designed into the project.

via OZoM: Open Source Zynq on Module | Indiegogo.


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