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By on October 31, 2017
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The original STEM Kit by SeeedstudioGrove Zero STEM Starter Kit, is now available in our OpenStoreGrove Zero STEM Starter Kit is a set of color-coded and magnetic electronic modules that teaches students about programming, electronics, design thinking, and logics. The Grove Zero modules are designed for STEM education and it allows teachers with no experience or lots of experience to bring the detailed lesson plans into their classroom and embed them in their learning system.


Key Feature 

Plug and Play

It’s simply and easy to use. Just snap the modules together anyway you want and you can get a project started. Perfect for the ages of 8-12.


Microsoft MakeCode for Grove Zero

Grove Zero modules are compatible with Microsoft Makecode, which helps you to start with colored blocks that you can drag and drop onto workspace to construct your programs and improve your inventions.

Microsoft Makecode


Module Matcher Supported

We have built an entry-level, computer-based app to help you learn the basics of coding as well as practice your logical thinking. You can make simple projects very easily and quickly, just by pairing up the actions of an input and the reactions of an output.

module match

7 magnetic electronic blocks and 5+ starter projects

Grove Zero project book has 6 step-by-step projects to unlock your imagination. From a thermometer, a kitty shaped thermometer, to an Arm Bot, you’ve 10 hours of building fun ahead.
Grove Zero STEM Starter Kit

Detailed Online Lesson Resources

8 lessons, including 60+ pages of detailed instruction and teaching tips to help educators bring Grove Zero into their classroom.

online lesson plans





What’s included in the kit?

The kit has contained The Grove Zero Starte kit includes one main board, 5 sensors, 2 actuators, and a power board. In addition, we also provide tutorials and guides for teachers and students. You can download it on Seeed’s github.

  • Main Board
  • LED Matrix
  • Buzzer
  • Twin Button
  • Light Sensor
  • 9-Dof
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Sound Sensor
  • Two Magnets
  • A battery connector
  • USB wire


Why we create?

“Our Grove system helps makers around the world build prototypes with development boards easily and quickly. However, writing code and connecting wires sometimes can be really difficult for early beginners, especially younger kids,” said Chao Zhang, the product manager of Grove system at Seeed Studio.

To solve this problem Chao and his team has placed a MCU on each of the Grove Zero modules – they come preconfigured with set code which allows kids to just simply snap the modules together and get started. The modules can be reprogrammed as well with either a graphical approach, with options being either Microsoft MakeCode, or Seeed Studio’s Module Matcher. To reduce the need of wires even further than their Grove connectors Seeed Studio has created versatile magnetic adapters which let them snap the modules together in any way they want. These features make Grove Zero a great educational platform for all ages.

For teachers that are just learning STEM education topics, it can be very intimidating. Almost 10 hours of open educational resources accompany the kit, and it becomes more interesting and more challenging as the book goes on. Grove Zero Kits allows teachers with no experience or lots of experience to bring the detailed lesson plans into their classroom and embed them in their learning system.


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Grove Zero STEM Starter Kit

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