OpenPicus launches Flyport Lite (board with no transceiver)

By on October 29, 2013
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OpenPicus released a new, very streamlined, tiny and open board with no transceiver!

Flyport LITE is our latest product: a real Flyport but without any Internet connectivity. We made this since our customers wanted a low cost version of the Flyport for those projects that don’t need cloud interaction.

Flyport LITE has almost the same pinout of the Flyport Ethernet (it has 2 connectors 2*26ways, J1 and J2) and it’s compatible with the other Flyports on the connector J1.

Flyport LITE is compatible with the GROVE Board (our best solution to speed up your prototypes) and with its libraries.

openPicus – Blog » Blog Archive » Flyport Lite and IDE 2.5.


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