Onion Omega2 Pro: Open Source Wireless Linux IoT Dev Board

By on December 19, 2018
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Following on the success of the Omega2 and Omega2 Plus, Onion is back with a third installment in their Omega line, the Omega2 Pro, which is a self-contained platform with the processor, memory, storage, and Wi-Fi radio baked into a single board.

The Omega2 Pro is the next generation of our highly successful Omega2 and the most powerful IoT computer we’ve made yet. It is a standalone device – the processor, memory, gigabytes of storage, and Wi-Fi are all built-in, and it’s smaller than a breadboard.

The storage is pre-loaded with the OpenWrt embedded Linux distro, so getting started is as easy as plugging in a Micro USB cable for power and taking a few minutes to go through the browser-based setup wizard

Features of the Omega2 Pro Linux open source development board include :

– Processor: 580 MHz MIPS CPU
– Memory: 512 MB (128 MB RAM and 384 MB flash swap file)
– Storage: 8 GB
– Connectivity: 2.4 GHz b/g/n Wi-Fi
– Operating System: OpenWrt 18.06 Linux
– Battery Support: LiPo battery management & JST-PH battery connector
– Antenna: 2 dBi directional chip antenna & U.FL connector for external antenna
– Dimensions: 73 mm x 44 mm
– Efficient: Power efficient but has computing horse-power
– Connected: Wi-Fi connectivity out of the box
– Versatile: Linux-based with lots of hardware expansions
– Compact: Easily embeddable form-factor
– Portable: Built-in LiPo battery management
– Scalable: Perfect for prototypes and production

Onion now provides its own Linux-based OnionOS GUI stack on top of the underlying OpenWrt 18.06 Linux distro. Running within your browser, OnionOS supports languages such as Python, GoLang, NodeJS, PHP, C, and C++. It also includes Terminal and Code Editor apps. Alternatively, the Omega2 Pro supports command line control.

Onion promotes the open-spec Omega2 Pro for its thriving open source community, including forums and other resources.

further information are available at the official Crowd Supply crowdfunding page.


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