NRF24L01+ Arduino Wireless Transceiver Shield Now on Kickstarter

By on December 7, 2018
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Electronics developer Patrick Thomas Mitchell has recently launched on Kickstarter the new NRF24L01+ Arduino wireless transceiver shield which offers a lot of features and is available to back with early bird pledges from just $15 with worldwide shipping commencing near February 2019.

“This shield is the centrepiece of this campaign.  One hub shield can easily communicate with up to 64 other shields in the area by assigning slave addresses using the on-board 6-selector DIP switch.  The range is excellent, and you can even replace your NRF24L01+ with an NRF24L01+PA/LNA module.

The shield has two momentary push buttons, an LED, and a slot for an NRF24L01+.  Each shield pledged to will come complete with the NRF module (Obviously).  You can use this shield to communicate with other nearby Arduinos, control the optional relay board, receive button data from one of the multi-button boards, or receive a notification of movement from one of the PIR motion sensing transceiver boards.  Create your own code, use the provided code samples, or modify the provided code samples to suit your circuit application!”

Further information are available in the demonstrative video below or into the official Kickstarter campaign page.

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