New Yorker Electronics Expands Capacitor Line with Cornell Dubilier MLP/MLS Flatpack

By on February 27, 2016
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New Yorker Electronics has introduced Cornell Dubilier’s newest line of MLS/MLP Flatpack aluminum electrolytic capacitors into its vast product catalog. This expanded line includes a high vibration package, type HVMLS and a high reliability burn-in option, type HRMLS. Applications are mainly for military and commercial flight based power systems that require high energy density, high reliability, rugged capacitors for bulk storage, where relatively expensive wet tantalum capacitors had previously been the only type suited for these environments.s

MLP Flatpacks

The MLP is the square-peg component that fits the square-holes in electronic assemblies. The MLP delivers up to 20 joules of energy storage in a 1/2” height with 50 year’s life at +45 ºC. They can readily be heatsinked to it to double the ripple-current capability. The MLP’s high-energy storage and box-shape make it ideal for voltage holdup or filtering in military SEM-E modules, telecom circuit packs and computer cards.

MLS Flatpacks

The MLS family of capacitors are packaged in flat, stainless steel cans, one-half inch in height with a near hermetic, precision welded construction and tested up to 80,000 feet. Their flat form factor allows them to be fit into tight spots, easily cooled, and easily ganged for compact, high bulk storage. The high vibration HVMLS version is further enhanced with ruggedized internal terminations and compressed can edges that keep the internal winding secure when tested up to 50g’s of vibration.

The high reliability version, type HRMLS, are burned-in at rated voltage and 85°C, which is long recognized as the established military standard to achieve excellent reliability. Both ruggedized and high reliability options may be ordered together by specifying type HVHRMLS to ensure extraordinary life and reliability in the most critical of applications. The near-hermetic welded seal assures long life: a 50-year life with the MLP and a 100-year life with the MLS. Other features include:

  • MLS – Stainless-steel case
    • MLS – regular
    • HVMLS – High Vibration
    • HRMLS – High Reliability
    • HVHRMLS – High Vibration / High Reliability
    • Rated to 125oC
  • MLP – Aluminum case
    • Rated to 85oC
  • Vibration testing
    • MLS – up to 10 g’s
    • HVMLS – up to 50 g’s

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