New look (and features) for Repetier-Host

By on June 29, 2013
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A few days ago was released the new version of Repetier Host, the recommended software for our printer 3Drag.
The version 0.90B integrates several new functions.
Let us see the main:

Version 0.90 23-06-2013
  Slic3r 0.9.10 included.
  Redesigned object placement tab.
  Cut objects in any direction.
  Analyse mesh, calc volume, surface, dimensions.
  Import/export obj format files.
  Use obj for exported models for slic3r.
  Repair normal orientation.
  Repair some simple mesh defects.
  Show mesh defects.
  Better viewing of edges.
  Allow floating point values for all countries.
  Fixed problem with G92 showing wrong coords.
  Faster connects for most boards.
  Different emergency button settings.
  Import obj models.
  Associate stl/obj/gcode/gco/g/g with Repetier-Host.
  More default view angles.
  New language: Basque
  Belt and leadscrew calculator.
  Many small fixes and improvements.

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