Linux Foundation IoT standardisation effort AllSeen Alliance grows to more than 100 companies

By on December 10, 2014
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For those wo are not following IoT news all the time: you may have lost the foundation of this interesting alliance project that aims at fostering interoperability of IoT.

This project is led and started by Linux Foundation and this is a great guarantee of openness and real community driven innovation. We all look forward to see where AllSeen will lead!

Technically wise, the project will be initially based on opensource implementation AllJoyn (“A Common Language for the Internet of Everything”):

The AllSeen Alliance is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to enabling and driving the widespread adoption of products, systems and services that support the Internet of Everything with an open, universal development framework supported by a vibrant ecosystem and thriving technical community. It is the broadest cross-industry consortium to date to advance adoption and innovation in the “Internet of Everything” in homes and industry.

Open Source IoT to advance the Internet of Everything – AllSeen Alliance.



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