Iteaduino Lite, an inexpensive *duino board

By on January 4, 2014
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A super low cost Arduino clone: seems that these guys put a lot of effort in optimizing for cost. Could make sense for some of you:

Someone launched a low-cost Arduino-clone board project on Indiegogo before, which meet the needs of many users of low-cost mainboard. As we can see, actually the main control chip influences the cost most. After selection and comparison, we picked out an inexpensive main control chip of strong compatibility with ATmega328 for development, and we programmed Arduino-compatible bootloader and modified IDE configuration for it, so that it can be almost 100% compatible with the present Arduino IDE and various libraries.

We do not simply offer these cheap boards by cloning Arduino board with mass production, but we replace the main control and develop relevant contents to make it compatible with Arduino. Here, we would like to initiate a fund raising for mass production of the board, so that we can further reduce costs through bulk purchasing and processing to provide you with a world’s lowest-cost full-sized Arduino derivative board.

via Iteaduino Lite – Most inexpensive full-sized Arduino derivative board | Indiegogo.


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