GSM localizer without GPS – Part 3

By on December 18, 2010
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The module used in our localizer is the Enabler IIIG GSM0308 by Enfora, one of the smallest yet best performing modules of this type currently available. The device, which utilizes a chipset made by Texas Instruments, is but 1.06 x 1.10 inches, is a quad-band that works both in Europe and the US, and has all the functions needed to build M2M devices, including the TCP/IP stack. The technical documentation regarding this device is thorough: hardware and software manuals, as well as numerous tutorials, can easily be downloaded directly from Also available for this module is an inexpensive development system. The Enfora module is a GSM/GPRS/Edge device that has everything except loudspeakers, microphone, and keyboard,which, by the way, are not necessary in our application given that the cell phone is employed for SMS messages as well as to transmit and receive data using the TCP/IP system of the GPRS network.

Even the antenna is external: we resolved to connect it to only one pad, where the antenna cable can be soldered . This module consumes very little energy: during transmission, it consumes 230 mA in GSM 850/900 MHz and 175 in GSM 1.800/1.900 MHz; when not in transmission, it consumes only 10 mA (and goes down to when idle, that is, when it is disabled through the PWRCTL line). The antenna’s transmitted energy is 2 watts at 850/900 MHz and 1 W at 1.800/1.900 MHz; the reception sensitivity is perfect: -106 dB.

Enfora GSM/GPRS module





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