FTDI Launches Embedded Video Engine

By on April 2, 2013
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FTDI Chip is redefining the cost and quality paradigm for graphic user interface (GUI) development with the introduction of the FT800, Embedded Video Engine (EVE). With 3 in 1 functionality including display, audio, and touch operations, engineers now have an advanced solution to easily create and output state-of-the-art interactive display system

via EVE – FTDI.

FTDI Chip recently launched this  new technology at Embedded World 2013, addressing the need for easy to design, advanced forms of human-machine interaction

The FT800 combines display, audio, and touch into a single chip; it’s optimized for low power consumption and BOM costs, and much more. EVE provides a high quality graphic solution, check out this new technology in action (3.3 minute video).


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