Fishino pinout is available!

By on September 18, 2015
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Good news!

The Fishino pinout by PIGHIXXX is now available.

A great work from our friend. See all the pinout by PIGHIXXX.

Fishino UNO is a development board with WiFi, microSD cards reader and RTC on board.

FishinoUNO is based on Arduino platform, keeping all of its features and adding new ones.
This guarantees that all Arduino’s shields and libraries will work with no changes on Fishino UNO.

Thanks to a complete set of libraries, you’ll be able to manage all your projects from web with simplicity!
What are you waiting for? Order now your Fishino!

Read the others articles about Fishino.

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Boris Landoni is the technical manager of Skilled in the GSM field, embraces the Open Source philosophy and its projects are available to the community.

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