DIY SMD Rework station

By on August 4, 2021
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If you create PCB with SMD components or you are a repairman you surely know how important and convenient a hot air soldering station is.

With this project, you will be able to learn how to make a hot air gun controller using Arduino and other common components.

This project uses an 858D compatible air gun. Inside it has a type K thermocouple, a 700 watt 230 VAC resistor and a 24 VDC fan. Arduino will use a PID algorithm to calculate the power to be given to the gun through an opto-isolated Triac driver. To control the fan a Mosfet is used, instead to read the temperature value coming from the thermocouple there is an amplifier circuit using an Opamp. Finally, a rotary encoder is used to set the temperature and the data will be displayed on a 16×2 display with its I2C driver.

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