DIY Arduino-Powered 3D Wire Bending Machine

By on October 26, 2018
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How To Mechatronics has come up with a bender that not only twists wire left and right, but can rotate to create three-dimensional shapes.

The 3d wire bending machine is powered by an Arduino Nano, which controls three stepper motors for wire manipulation via DRV8825 driver boards. A servo motor is also implemented in order to push a piece of copper tubing into place to physically bend the wire.

“Here’s the working principle of this 3D wire bending machine. So first, the wire goes through a series rollers, or straighteners. Using a stepper motor the wire is precisely fed to the wire bending mechanism which also uses a stepper motor as well as a small servo for the bending process.

There’s also another stepper motor, called the Z-axis, which actually enables the machine to create three dimensional forms. Of course, the brain of the machine is an Arduino board which along with the other electronics components is attached on a custom designed PCB.”

Actually the device does have some trouble moving the wire when its straightening rollers are tight, but this issue can be fixed with a little more work.

For more information you can visit How To Mechatronics related page.

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