DIY Arduino 3D Scanner

By on April 27, 2019
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OpenScan has created a low-budget, high quality DIY 3D scanning system, that is fully open-source and modular and available to purchase in a variety of different packs depending on your needs from control board to full system.

The 3D scanner is able to snap multiple photos and stitch them together with software. It manipulates the object itself using an Arduino Nano and a pair of drivers to control a pair of bipolar stepper motors.

Features of the OpenScan 3D Scanner include:

– The Scanner is compatible with various smartphones and DSLR cameras. High accuracy of 50 micron or better is achievable
– There is a wide range of freely available software, which you can use to create your 3D models from photos
– Similar to the 3D printing community, a rising number of people is working with 3d scanners in various fields.
– We use local structures for manufacturing. All components are assembled in Germany and tested for their functionality.
– The controller board can be easily adjusted to fit other setups and thus can be used in professional environments.
– All of our development is open-source, that anyone can use and improve it.

Further information can be found on Thingiverse or on

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