Digital Termometer with Arduino and 16×2 LCD Display

By on March 7, 2016
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This tutorial shows an interesting way to read the environment temperaturewith Arduino, and shows it on a LCD 16×2 display (in Fahrenheit), by using some elements from its programming and the LM35DZ temperature sensor.

– 1 Arduino board

– 1 LCD 16×2 display

– 1 10K potentiometer

– 1 Temperature LM35 sensor

– Jumpers for connection

This sensor captures the external temperature and converts it into a corresponding voltage value. In this circuit, we connect the output Vo of the sensor to the Arduino’s A0 pin, which converts it to a float value of temperature, and then, exhibits it on the LCD. The 10K potentiometer adjusts the contrast of the display.

You can see the code sketch here: GarageLab (arduino, electronics, robotics, hacking)

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