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By on October 10, 2016
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“Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition” – Fourth edition 14 -16 October – Fiera di Roma Over 100,000 square metres for the largest European event on innovation Rome, 20 September 2016 –

The appointment with “Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition”once again returns, from 14 to 16 October 2016 at the Fiera di Roma, with 6 pavilions. 100,000 m2 overall with over 55,000 m2of covered exposition space: nearly three times greater than in 2015. Among the hundreds of surprising projects, some absolute premiers such as: the world’s first magnetic “Wakeskate”; We-Lab, the portable analysis laboratory; Ortuino, the smart, child-size home vegetable garden; the restaurant of the Future and the R.O.M.E. PRIZE of 100 thousand euros.

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and organised by its special Company: Innova Camera. An international event that gathers together in Rome innovation from around the world.700 projects on display, selected from among the 1,500 collected thanks to the various Calls.

Also scheduled are hundreds of conferences, seminars and training workshops on crucial and current issues such as domotics, drones and robotics, 3D printing, 4.0 industry, IoT – internet of things, credit, technology applied to transportation vehicles, cuisine and music. Maker Faire Rome also proposes a series of demo-workshops, i.e. demonstration courses on the application of digital manufacturing for handicraft activities. The objective is to induce the craftsmen to undertake innovation paths, both in the process and product by taking advantage of the growth opportunities arising from the new digital technologies. Specifically, new digital methodologies will be illustrated for the processing of materials (metals and alloys, wood and gold) and their integration with traditional techniques specific to the work of the craftsman.

For visitors, Maker Faire Rome is the unique opportunity to interact – by way of preview – with the innovations that will change life for the better. For makers, entrepreneurs (or aspiring ones) and digital artisans this is the opportunity to meet with internationally established businesses who have chosen the event as the launch platform for their products and their innovations.

Much space has also been dedicated to the young: no less than 8,000 m2 dedicated to children and young people between the ages of 4 and 15 with laboratories organised in a special Kids Area.


Maker Faire Rome is the celebration of the commitment of those who “try things out” in all fields, with the conviction that innovation is first of all a great collective effort of experimentation and of 2 building the future.The event seeks to give visibility to the energy of those who undertake, thanks to their creativity, their own entrepreneurial path and who wish to share the results of their efforts.

The curators of the event are Massimo Banzi and Riccardo Luna with the assistance of Alessandro Ranellucci, executive coordinator of the content and a team of area coordinators: Chiara Russo, co-founder of Codemotion, for the Kids Area; Paolo Miarabelli for the Drones area, Professor Stefano Micelli for New Manufacturing and Sara Roversi, co-founder of You Can Group and Future Food Institute for the Food Area.

The city of Rome, for the fourth consecutive year, confirms itself as a driving force, at the European level, of new ideas, content and economic models: 400 selected projects from among the over 1,500 submitted to the Call for Makers from over 65 countries including Germany, Spain and Greece but also from the United Kingdom, Turkey, China, the United States, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan.

At Maker Faire Rome you can “experience for yourself” how work and the strength of ideas are capable of generating new production models based on the variety and customisation of products. A concrete example are the 50 projects from the Call for New Manufacturing, that unite the artisan’s knowledge and new technologies from the most advanced components ofour manufacturing industry.

The centres of knowledge at Maker Faire Rome: schools, Universities and research centres

The new generations are looking to the future through Maker Faire Rome. This is confirmed by the extensive participation of Universities, research centres and schools through the relevant Call. In a special dedicated area of the fair grounds, together with the CNR (National Centre for Research), are all the public universities in Rome (Sapienza, Roma Tre, Tor Vergata) and the most important Italian universities (Politecnico of Milan and Politecnico of Turin, the Universities of Florence, Naples, Siena and Trento, just to name a few) and also the Beijing University and the University of Coburg. A total of 40 from among Italian and foreign Universities and Research centres.

The schools that have been selected to exhibit at the Maker Faire Rome are 56 (40 Italian secondary schools and technical schools and 15 coming from EU countries), almost twice as many as in 2015. Schools were chosen from among the 186 candidates who participated, with no less than 285 projects to the Call for Schools, which was held in collaboration with the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research).

Big Bang Projects

This year has launched, for the first time, the “Call for Big Bang Projects” addressed to makers, artists and visionaries with the intention of building the event, not only in its content, but also in its most important attractions. From the more than 100 projects received – from Italy and abroad – 15 have been selected for their ability to enchant visitors, such as: the interactive wall measuring 10 metres that reacts to touch; a 200 m2 go-kart track integrated with Virtual Reality, directed to a younger audience; a treasure hunt to solve a crime with IOT technology, and a test drive track for electric vehicles.

PROGRAMME AND CONTENT: you can download here the press release or check the full programme calendar.

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