Cheeseborg, Your Personal Voice-Controlled Chef!

By on February 10, 2019
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Taylor Tabb, Mitchell Riek, and Evan Hill have created the perfect device to create the best grilled cheese it possibly can!

“Our goal was to make an easy snack even easier. The design combines 7 individual subsystems enabling the assembly, cooking, and serving of a perfect, repeatable, tasty grilled cheese.”

Cheeseborg has been designed to act as an assembly line-like robot. One of the biggest challenges with this system was handling the ingredients. While cheese presents a smooth surface, and bread is quite porous, gripping both was handled with a vacuum system, inspired by robotic manipulation of small electronics.

A stack of bread is first lifted to a height that the vacuum can pick up, and is then rotated and dropped into a secondary position. The same is done with the cheese, and the assembled sandwich is then pushed onto a George Foreman-style grill.
Butter is applied by first spraying the bottom of the grill surface, then a second spray is applied once the sandwich is present to coat the top. A second pusher mechanism then slides the sandwich into a food slot, ready for consumption.

Electronics are controlled using an Arduino Mega, while Google Assistant running on a Raspberry Pi allows for voice activation. So when you’re hungry, you have only to ask, “Hey Google, make me a grilled cheese please!”

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