Arduino-Powered Weather Station with Split-Flap Display

By on August 15, 2018
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Split-flap displays show information using characters changed by an electric motor. This is exactly what “gabbapeople” has chosen to show the informations of its weather forecast station.

I am a fan of the XOD visual programming environment. With the 0.22.0 version, XOD entered the Internet of things. So I have an excellent opportunity to create a device in the style of IOT and program it using XOD.

The idea is to display data about the current weather and temperature in my city. To display the information I decided to make a retro split-flap display in the spirit of the old railway station display boards.

The device is built using laser-cut plexiglass, and uses four individual servos to actuate the character flaps. Control is accomplished using an Arduino Mega programmed in the XOD visual programming environment, along with the requisite driver modules. Weather data is pulled from the AccuWeather API. 

You can find an accurate guide about how-to-build the weather station here, or you can watch the demonstrative video below for further information.

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