Arduino-Powered Mobile Robot Alarm to Wake You Up!

By on February 3, 2019
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Some days may be hard to wake up, other days it can be really hard…but now, thanks to Nikodem Bartnik it’ll be easier, but maybe more shocking!
He has created an Arduino-powered mobile robot that scoots your phone out of the room in the morning, forcing you to get out of bed and chase it down to power-off the alarm.

“The device utilizes a pair of gearmotors in a standard tank-like configuration for movement, and sensors to follow a black line on the floor. A sound sensor allows its Arduino Uno controller to pick up on alarm sounds coming from his phone, which is mounted on the robot with a 3D-printed holder. When activated, it follows the path out of his room, waiting for Bartnik’s bleary eyed—but awake—arrival.”

I’m not sure how long I could resist this awake, in my opinion I’d destroy the robot after a couple of days, but for sure this project could be useful for some of you. J

Watch the demonstrative vide below to find out more information.

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