Arduino IoT Cloud: New Features Are Coming!

By on May 19, 2019
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The Arduino IoT Cloud is an easy to use Internet of Things application platform. It makes it very simple for anyone to develop and manage IoT applications – freeing them to focus on solving real problems in their business or in everyday life.

Arduino has just revealed on his blog some new features that are coming for Arduino IoT Cloud:

Multi-Value Property Types: The first two types implemented are Location and Color. With Color, you can pick a color from the palette (clicking on it) or just show one in a small window. With Location, you can see a pin on a map and move it; furthermore, you can drag the box and make it bigger.

Shadow Thing: If a device happens to disconnect from the Cloud, as soon as it reconnects, the board will get back its previous property values. For example, if a property controls the status of a lamp, and the lamp property is set to on, the light will be kept on when the device comes back online.

Simply Discover Your Thing ID and Device IDThe panel showing information about its associated board is opened by default, making it easier to read details about the board you are using.

Getting Started Procedure:The procedure is now faster and more reliable, thanks to bug-fixing and a new connection template used in the Cloud_blink sketch.

For more information, video and details please jump on Arduino Blog.

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