A bunch of Great Posts for you to re-read during the Summer

By on August 11, 2014
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Just before the summer break, it’s time for use to bring to your attention some of the best post of the first part of the year. You may have missed these so .. time to check on them!

Earlier this year we received overwhelming support and interest for our idea to build “Open Source boats” here’s the link to the post “exploring the opportunity to build a foundation”.

If you’re more concerned with Open Source Hardware in general the question we wanted to answer earlier on this year was “Why choose to be Open Source in the Hardware Industry”. Later on we also gave “A Look into the Open Source Hardware Community”  following the release of OSHWA community survey.

Another good post covered the strong debut of OSHW on IT stuff with “Open Compute Project: open design applied to data centers”.

If you are in the mood for a Segway ride and you don’t have the budget, you can still dig deep into Open Wheels “the Open Source personal vehicle inspired by the Segway” and go through all the project.

Obviously you can also look into our amazing interviews: http://www.open-electronics.org/category/interviews/ including folks such as Adrian Bowyer, Tomas Diez, Gabriella levine and many more (incidentally these three speakers will be featured at 2014 Open Hardware Summit in Rome, see our presentation post)

Lastly, you can still look into all our product launches and open source projects.


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