• Green Roof Monitoring

    As part of our studies at Polytech Sorbonne, this is a project of embedded system. We designed a system for measuring various parameters of plants on a roof and then apply it to the study of the...

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  • Blue Freedom | The World’s Smallest Hydropower Plant 100% funded in 3 days

    Utilizing the power of flowing water, Blue Freedom produces portable energy to charge all your electric devices. This amazing product, realized by Blue-Freedom LLC is a power generator capable of recharging your mobile device wherever you can...

    • Posted 9 years ago
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  • Open Source Ecology shows how to enter a $100B market with Open Source

    Critics of the open source economy point out that “Open source is a system of development that doesn’t have the requisite positive feedback loops needed to build a viable economic system.” Open Source Ecology released their “4...

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  • MEG project
    Interview with MEG: the Connected, Open Source, DIY Greenhouse

    When I went to visit Maker Faire Rome earlier in 2013, in October, I stumbled upon an amazing project that caught my eye. It maybe was for the bright colours of for the stylish design, these small,...

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