Adafruit presents Gemma, a new miniature wearable electronic platform

By on January 23, 2013
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The new Adafruit GEMMA

The new Adafruit GEMMA

Adafruit launches a new platform for the development of wearable devices:

Gemma is a tiny wearable platform board with a lot of might in a 1″ diameter package. Powered by a Attiny85 and programmable with an Arduino IDE over USB, you’ll be able to realize any wearable project!

via Adafruit:  Gemma – Miniature wearable electronic platform

The interesting thing about GEMMA is not the functionality itself (as it sports only three I/O pins – that seems the highest limitation) but the size.

In fact Gemma is just half the size of Lilypad (1 inch vs 2 inch) and it opens new interesting opportunities with regards to ultra small / lightweight applications. Are you working with wearable devices?

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