ZeroDriver, the Arduino Zero-compatible dual-motor driver board for robotics and mechatronics projects.

By on December 23, 2016
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ZeroDriver is an Arduino Zero-compatible dual-motor driver board for robotics and mechatronics projects.

Robotics projects usually need two boards – a microcontroller board and a separate driver for the motors. ZeroDriver combines both in one for your convenience.

ZeroDriver comes with the same microcontroller as an Arduino Zero – a 48 MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ chip which is far more capable than an entry level Arduino Uno. The built-in motor driver chip, the Texas Instruments DRV8835, is a dual H bridge IC which can drive two separate motors, a stepper motor, or a solenoid.

ZeroDriver ships with the Arduino Zero bootloader installed. So you can program it using your favorite Arduino IDE. Just plug it in via USB and you’re good to go!

On the other hand, if case you decide to delve into the gory details of the SAM D21 ARM chip, we provide you with a 10-pin JTAG header for programming the board directly.

Features & Specifications

  • Atmel SAM D21 ARM Cortex-M0+ 48 MHz chip with 256KB Flash and 32KB SRAM
  • Texas Instruments DRV8835 Dual Low-Voltage H-Bridge IC
  • Color coded terminal blocks for easy connectivity
  • Standard 10-pin JTAG header broken out
  • SPI header broken out
  • Reverse polarity protection for power supply
  • 12 V max power supply, 1.5 A current per H bridge
  • Shipped with Arduino Zero bootloader for easy programming

Released under open source license, you can back them on Crowd Supply

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